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Or maybe it's still just a hobby to make money on the side? Everyone needs fun money, no shame in that.

Either way, since you're here I know the scrap metal business is a part of your life one way or another.

Whether it serves a big part in your life or a small one, this forum has the ability to help you take things to a whole new level fast.

Here's one example....

Do you advertise on Craigslist at all? It's safe to say at least 90% of our members do.

Well, there are several proven, perfectly tuned cut-and-paste Craigslist ad templates for you to use, right here on the forum.

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These Craigslist ads are here on the forum for you to COPY. Imagine just plugging these into your business, it's like instant profits.

And that's not the only way we can help you grow your business...

You're also welcome to leverage the traffic and authority of the entire forum to promote your business.

We have a constant flow of people and businesses coming to this forum looking scrap metal removal services and scrap metal buyers.

This member posted their scrap metal services ad here and landed an apartment complex within 3 days.

That kind of opportunity puts butterflies in your stomach.

People, and Google, know us, like us, and trust us. That's why when people have a great service to offer and post their ads here, things happen.

All you need to do is let us help spread the word.

This member had this inquiry for 65,000lbs of machinery come in shortly after posting an ad here.

We've actually had a surprising number of members ask us to temporarily turn their ads OFF because they're too busy and getting "too many" calls :)

Wouldn't it be great to have that kind of problem? That one lead could produce an entire month worth of income.

Obviously every ad is different and without knowing you personally we can't guarantee you'll get the same results.

What we can guarantee is that real people are coming to this forum, looking for exactly what you have to offer them, every single day.

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So here's how you can let us help you.

First of all, let me elaborate on the screenshots above regarding those Craigslist ads.

The Craigslist ad templates were shared in threads posted in a private section of the forum. Yes, there is an entire section of the forum hidden from the public eye.

The threads in the private area contain the most valuable discussions, strategies and tactics anywhere on the forum. Members with access to the private area generally only share their best content behind closed doors, amongst others willing and capable do the same.

Some methods, the real MONEY MAKERS, are best shared amongst a close group protected from the general public. And that's exactly why this private forum exists.

This private setting allows members to share some of their absolute best strategies and help each other succeed.

And let me tell you, there is A LOT more than just Craigslist Ads to copy... (There are hundreds of threads now)

  • How to get instant notifications when scrap gets posted on Craigslist. Be the first one every time.
  • How to turn a common free item into a fast $300 - $500 profit.
  • How to start and run a SUCCESSFUL local recycling drive. (Case study included)
  • The specific business type to target for large volumes of ewaste and how to target them.
  • The unique advertising method for super high-value clients like Manufacturing and Fabrication companies.
  • The QUICK FLIP List of scrap items that resell QUICKLY and exactly how much to charge.
  • Professionally designed business card templates.
  • Custimizable Flyers.
  • And more...

We started this private forum because we knew it would attract a certain caliber of content and because we knew how invaluable that would be to anyone who had access to that.

I would like to clarify that none of what I've shown you so far is a grouping of multiple offers and separate products.

We operate this forum 100% free of charge for the general public. It always has been and always will be completely free for anyone to join, learn from and contribute to the open forums.

But we reserve the very best the forum has to offer, for those who choose to support the forum and the community.

Everything you've seen here is reserved exclusively for those who choose to become Scrap Room Members.

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Being a Scrap Room member is the most certain shortcut to unlocking the full potential of your scrap business.

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Scrap Room Member.

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Refund Policy Due to the nature of the Scrap Room membership and the content shared amongst members therein, no refunds can be granted once you have accessed your membership.

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