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    Get well soon. I don't know your age but at age 61 I am personally learning from experience we are not as young as we feel and it takes longer to heal and recover than before. Just have not completely grasped the concept that I am not 20 anymore back when I thought I knew everything and felt invincable. Lucky you had disability coverage. Smart move.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nutpie View Post
    To the OP, I feel ya. I had surgery on my aorta, at the aortic arch, for the 3rd time in 12 years. All from a very bad car accident 12 years ago, where I tore my aorta, had bleeding in my brain, and several broken bones. So the most recent surgery was on March 5th this year. I coughed up serious blood in the middle of the night, like 2-3 pints. I went to the emergency room, and the surgeon put in a stent. He told me the graft from the last surgery was coming apart. Basically I could have dropped dead at any time during the last 1 1/2 years. After the surgery I was ordered no heavy lifting, and to take it easy, generally.

    I'm an active person and it makes me kind of go crazy in boredom, as being limited in what i do. So I exercise my brain. It certainly helps the boredom. And I have a helper now to do all of the heavy lifting, so I can slowly get back to scrapping, my favorite pastime.
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    Quote Originally Posted by miked View Post
    So did the doctors let you keep the screws???? If they did are they going in the SS box or on the wall?? I'm glad to hear you are doing better and that you got paid. 73, Mike
    Mike - I was so excited to get the boot off and walk in a normal shoe that I forgot to ask for the screws!!!

    Now I have GOUT in my other foot... It sucks to get old. Gout is more painful than a broken ankle. Back in the chair

    Got some gout pills that are helping quite a bit. This is my first battle with Gout. They say it is recurring. The biggest trigger for Gout is... Wait for it.... BEER!

    This is NOT good.
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    OWWW ... EWWW ... gout is the worst kind of pain.

    It's a buildup of uric acid crystals in the joint along with the tenderness and inflammation. It's associated with alcohol use but there can be different dietary triggers like dairy foods & meat proteins.

    You wanna have the doc check your liver function and see if the bile ducts are blocked. You kinda need that liver thing to keep living.

    I hope it passes soon pj.

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    My Father in law had it. They ended up removing a toe as there was no bone left. I still remember at one appointment when they drained his toe it was like cottage cheese that they were squeezing out of it. The VA even had other doctors and nurses come in and see, as it was a lot! After I took him home I had a beer! LOL

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