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Copper "clad" grounding rod

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    Copper "clad" grounding rod

    How thick is the copper on a modern rod? I found one the other day while I was metal detecting. I was pumped when I saw it just laying on top of the ground. I immediately thought it was probably an old copper one, I put my magnet to it and it stuck! Dang-it-all. So just for shi#s and giggles I whacked it with my hatchet, it surprisingly had alot more copper on it than I thought. I would estimate the steel core not even as big around as a bic pen! I left it there because I was about 1 1/2 mile from my car and I couldn't see carrying that thing that far, just to get steel price for it.
    Do you think I could get more than steel price for it. There is only one mention of them on SMF and it says "steel price". Who knows I might get it anyways and try to shave the luscious copper from its irony core! It would be nice to add to my copper "hoard"(approx. 100Lbs.)
    I have another one that I found at an old burned down house that dates back to the mid 1800's. I didn't have my magnet when I found it( I was metal detecting for old coins) and I couldn't pull it out. I'm going to trek in there tomorrow with my magnet and a scissor jack to pull it out, just in case it is an "old copper one"! I'll let ya'all know tomorrow night!!
    Thanks for any input.

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    The copper is very thin and does not add scrap value to the steel rod. If it still usable then it might make a nice ground rod for a ham radio operator, still not worth much. On the other hand it would be worth a return visit with the magnet. Best of luck, Mike.
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    Now go beat the copper out of something, Miked

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    Those things are a real buzz-kill. Man, for one minute, you can't believe how much copper you got in your hand, and the next minute the magnet is sticking to it. It's just cruel, and copper abuse!

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    From time to time we get someone bringing in a copper clad grounding rod thinking they have a gold mine on their hands. I remember one guy even saying he weighted it on his bathroom scale and it should be worth $XX.XX dollars.

    The look on these peoples faces when we stick the big old magnet to their big heavy piece of copper is priceless.

    We then show them the pile of grounding rods we have stacked in the corner and say "Don't worry, your not the only one that thought they had struck it rich" and add their grounding rod to the pile after we pay them unprepared steel price for the rod which equals about $.60 cents.

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    I get dirty copper price for things like that. Still disappointed but better than shred. The ones I had were clad with about 3/32 of copper.

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