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Humidifier disposal

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    Humidifier disposal

    Since it was a slow day curb shopping, I picked up two dehumidifiers today. I'm not certified to recover the refrigerant so my original thought was to take them home, remove the cord, and put it back out on the curb. (I always have the philosophy of taking the whole thing home and work on it there.)

    My concern is that if they fall into the wrong hands, that individual may not care about the laws against releasing the gas into the atmosphere. My yard will not accept them unless the refrigerant has been recovered first. Unlike e-waste, there doesn't seem to be anyplace I can drop them off. Obviously it wouldn't be worth it to pay someone to recover the refrigerant for me.

    Anyone have any ideas on how I can responsibly dispose of them? I've done some searching. Not much can be found on the subject online. While I'm out tomorrow I'll stop by an appliance shop in the area I'll be in. In the meantime any advice (on the subject of disposing of them) would be welcome.

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    See if you can find someone willing to recover the freon for the value of the freon, and that way you have something to still break down and scrap.
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    Cut it open with a 9inch anglegrinder, remove the inside & remove the 2Lbs of copper wire. (9 inch anglegrinder uses up 50cents of disc per compressor)

    Put it all back in & chuck it in your 'heavy metal insize' bucket.

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