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The SMF Shop - Earn Money

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    The SMF Shop - Earn Money

    We've finally introduced the SMF Shop. Where forum members can buy and sell custom scrap metal related products and merchandise.

    Simply put, we're affiliating with Zazzle and allowing you to sell your own custom products and designs here on the forum.

    Zazzle pays you a royalty for each sale made on a product you create. You set your own royalties as well so you choose how much $$ you'll earn per sale on the items you create and list here in the shop. You keep all of your profit's minus their fees.

    They handle everything from shipping to sales, all you need to do is create the design, put it on a product, set your royalties and it's ready to be posted here.

    You can create both customizable and non-customizable products on Zazzle. For example you could create a flyer, or a t-shirt for scrappers and put customizable text in it so members can swap it out with their company name, username, or phone number. Again the possibilities are endless, this is only an example.

    You might create items related to pretty much anything, advertising, junk cars, ewaste, metal removal, jokes, quotes, your company, logos, the forum, etc.

    The catch, the Shop is going to run on a 'buy one - list one' system. Meaning if you want to list a product you created for sale in the shop, you must first purchase someone else's product from the shop. Buy one, list one.

    Again you don't have to purchase a subscription on the forum to post your products here, you do however have to purchase an existing product in the shop in order to list your own. Scrap Room members are excluded from this for their first shop listing, additional listings will remain using the 'buy one - list one' system.

    Within the SMF Shop forum, there's a STICKY thread at the top that will show you how to use the shop and list your first product for other members and guests to buy.

    After reading the sticky, you'll be submitting your product via the FORM linked to within that thread. Your shop listing will automatically be pre-formatted to look like the existing shop listings, and your product image and add to cart button will link to your product on Zazzle.

    If you're unsure of how it works, or how to create a product on Zazzle let us know.

    Again, you keep your royalties paid by Zazzle for each sale made by you. The more creative you are, the more guests and members that will be interested in purchasing your products.

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