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New notifications and a New page

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    New notifications and a New page

    We made a couple minor improvements to the notifications system.

    1 - You'll receive a new notification whenever another member gives a Thank You to one of your posts. The notification will be displayed in the same manner as new friend requests and private messages in the 'Notifications' tab. People like to know when their contributions are appreciated, now when someone says "Thank You", you'll know about it.

    2 - Notifications are a little easier to notice, as the number of notifications you have will flash and is also accompanied by an additional notice in the nav bar next to the "New Posts" and "FAQ" links. (This is also handy for members who have disabled SMF's friendly mailman and sometimes "dont notice" new PM notifications.)

    3 - Members now have their own "Recent Thank Yous" page. This page will display the most recent 25 Thank You's you've received for your posts on the forum.
    Your Recent Thank You's

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    Nice, thank you.

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