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    Freight Services

    Are you all tired of paying high freight prices on your LTL and TL shipments? If you have say 300 lbs you want to ship and have a way to put on a pallet and attach the shipment to the pallet I may be able to save you a few dollars. Of course the more weight you ship the cheaper the cost per pound. If you would like a quote you can email me at or call me at 814-443-6389.

    I have been ask in many conversations what information do I need to get a quote? So Below is the information that I need to give a accurate quote.

    1. Origin Zipcode and Destination Zipcode

    2. Weight if you have it if not a close estimate will get you a idea of cost.

    3. Commercial or Residential Address

    4. If commercial address do you have a dock or a forklift if not no problem we send a liftgate equipped trailer

    5 If residential is there easy access to your house?

    6. Residential needing a liftgate is the highest rated freight in the LTL shipping business. My suggestion if possible is load on your truck or trailer and take to the trucking companies loading dock. Doing that gives the same rate as a commercial address with loading dock.

    7. Dimensions of Pallet

    When ready to ship I will need.

    1. Your address

    2. Telephone Number

    3. Email Address to send BOL and Address labels too

    4. All destination info
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    Terry is professional and knows shipping. Please everyone call him and get a great rate with even better service.

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    Just sent in my first pallet to e-wasted. Terry did the freight as smooth and easy as I could ask for. Pricing was extremely good. Thank you sir!

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