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    Quote Originally Posted by t00nces2 View Post

    They are swinging and hitting his nose. He is contained to his property. His bull gored no cow.
    Doesn't matter...the very SIGHT of say a junkyard devalues properties near it. Same thing as you building a large house for instance and it obscuring the views that you had before of the is an issue and devalues my property.

    IF he has stuff that is not allowed (and junk cars and other things similar is NOT allowed in MANY, MANY residential areas), then yes, they can force you to clean it up or move to to an area more appropriate. I have zero issue with that. It affects others just by it being there (on his property or not). It is a fair compromise for can do that stuff, just have to be zoned correctly or put it in a place that allows it.

    Again, I don't have all the facts, but if it is residential or the zoning was changed (there would have been meetings where he could have spoken up against the zoning) AND those things are not allowed (by law or statute), then yeah, it's gotta go. Not EVERYTHING gets a grandfather clause and rightly so. Sometimes we have some limitations on doing anything we want to have some assemblance of order and protections.

    IF it is something fightable, then a lawyer will be the best option to help. Not everything is winnable . I have seen places torn down locally that went for the greater good...they were paid market value of course. You also can't live in say a condemned house for the safety of yourself and others. Hopefully, a consultation with a lawyer will give him the options available to him or at least gets the fines waived or reduced.
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    Here is some actual legal advice from a lawyer in the family.

    Step 1, find out what the zoning of the property was at time of purchase. This is important because if the zoning does not allow a home based business your screwed completely and must comply.

    Step 2, provided zoning does allow home based businesses he must create a business immediately such as an LLC. Once accomplished he can then declare all the "junk" on the property part of the business.

    Step 3, comply with the letter of the law that provides for environmental protection. This means, fluids and "standing water" here in Wisconsin we have a standing water law that says you can't have junk in your yard if it collects and retains water as that's a mosquito haven and a health hazard.

    Step 4, submit for a county level inspection and become compliant. They cannot MAKE you remove junk but they can tell you to rearrange it, tag it as "empty" or tell you it needs to be under covers.

    Step 5, once you have complied the HOA cannot enforce anything at all. He will be as has been said already, grandfathered in. But he NEEDS to be in environmental compliance with the county AND zoning compliance with the law as it was written at the time he purchased the property.

    Anything else...leaves him open to legal recourse.
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    this doesnt only happen in "suburbia"..
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    If he's got alot of scrap thats causing the problem then just take it to the scrap yard get money and problem solved. If hes got alot of cars and **** that dont run drain the fluids and pull the batteries, cut the cats, pull out anything else he may want and take em to the yard. Get paid to end the harassment. If hes a real scrapper then he should clean out what aint being used. I took in just about 40 tons while I was living on FT. Hood. I didn't have any land besides the 2-4 spots my trucks and trailers took up and still processed all that I'm aware needed processing. No need for hoarding.

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    He needs to lawyer up.

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    Clean the junk up. I don't understand why people don't take pride in their yards. We make a lot of money cleaning properties like this up. Either he cleans it up or a company like mine will move in and get paid to clean it up. He must decide.

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    Maybe t00nces2 can give us an update since this thread is 6 months old.

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    I'd be interested in hearing the conclusion myself

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    Me too. Where does it stand ?
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    t00nces2 started this thread.
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    He seems to be cleaning the yard bit by bit. I haven't talked to him in a while so I don't know exactly where he stands, but I would guess he is working on it.

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