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    Hi new here I have access to rare earth magnets 40k+ lbs.

    I have access to some rare earth magnets 40k + lbs looking for best prices . have samples and lab results.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scrap716 View Post
    I have access to some rare earth magnets 40k + lbs looking for best prices . have samples and lab results.
    Do you have to de-magnitise them for shipping.
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    It's mostly smaller scale general scrappers here. What you have is a specialty item. Not a well informed opinion but i think some of it would depend on the nature of the rare earth magnets. Take hard drive magnets for instance. The technology to recycle them isn't fully developed just yet. It might be a different story with rare earth magnets harvested from windmills.

    Point of it all being that it might be a challenge to find a buyer for what you're looking to sell because it's a niche market.

    One possible lead for you might be Rockaway Recycling in N.J. They have the virtue of being close to you geographically and list rare earth metals on their buy page.

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