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    Quote Originally Posted by BumpRacerX View Post
    I had no clue (and still really don't) about getting proper representation and/or an assay. They are going to send me a sample of the load that I have that is already there. From there, I need to find someone to assay it for me that holds weight and can help me with the process.
    Might want to heed Noble's words of advice, seems like it might save you a bunch;
    If the idea of representing your own material seems a bit daunting to you, post on GRF and ask for someone willing to represent your material for 1% of the yield. Someone who knows how to represent material will make up far more than that just insuring your material is processed properly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BumpRacerX View Post
    Sipi Metals.

    If you research them over at the GRF, you will find similar stories. I was warned by Noble, and many others to make sure my lot was properly represented, ask for a sample etc. Things were going well, so I didn't worry about it. And ended up taking a swift kick in the ass as a result.
    I'm sorry to hear you got burnt. The really sad part is that Sipi is one of the better refineries to deal with. I would suspect that it was different people processing it this time, than previously. Some processors are better than others, some have more talent. The processes are not cut and dry, a good processor or refiner can make all the difference. So if you got someone just learning, the incineration process might have been botched, or your melt might not have been homogenous, or they took the pin sample too soon. Or maybe all those factors and others you still don't know about.

    I feel bad for you, Sipi is one of the few refineries that I would suggest someone use, but even good refineries, and sometimes especially good refineries need to be watched as well.

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    Head hurts I'll just send my stuff to ewasted!!! He can do all the comparisons he wants with the refiner.
    Ahh headache gone. I didn't know he was a doctor too...
    I know this is an old post.
    Quote Originally Posted by NobleMetalWorks View Post
    The best way to make sure each refiner is being fair, is to process your material and take 3 correct representative samples of the resulting material. In this way the refiner knows you are serious and is far less likely to rip you off. They take one sample and do an assay on your material, then gives you the results. Then you take a sample for yourself, and a ref sample. If you disagree with their assay, you have yours assayed. At that time you can either decide to split the difference between the two samples and come to a compromise, or you can have the third sample assayed by a referee assayer that will not be bias towards either party. At that point you can either take the ref assay, or decide to average the three, it all depends on what type of contract you sign for processing.

    My point is that you should be properly representing your material, having a representative sample taken, assayed, so you at least know what the average yield should be once your material is fully processed. You should also make sure that you are getting a "full accountability". If not, they will not pay you on the other metals that are not specifically mentioned in any contract you sign to process your material. Full accountability means you want to be fully paid on all values, including Pb, Cu, Zn, Sn, etc etc etc. In large amounts these other metals add up fast.

    Also, make sure the refiner you are dealing with is doing the actual refining, a lot of places send material out to secondary refiners to process. There are several people in Northern California who will accept material, lead you to believe they are processing here, but they ship it out of state to do so. The cost in shipping obviously will affect the yield, even if they are not telling you it does, it simply costs more to process.

    I didn't take any offense. When I stated "who cheats you least" I really meant "why let anyone cheat you". It's similar to when I hear people say they are going to vote for the lesser of two evils. My view is why vote for anyone if they are all evil, you are in the end still voting for evil. Fortunately with refiners, if you conduct yourself well, and represent your material properly, you leave little room for them to cheat you. It's just like my mechanic analogy, if you are timing them on your watch, and watching what they do, they will be far less likely to cheat you or claim more labor was involved than there actually was. Also, refiners are just like mechanics, it's hard to find an honest one, so if you do keep them close and treat them right.


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    That dude was a good resource on this forum. I wish he was still around.
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    So it's been 4 years since the OP posted.

    I wonder how he made out.

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