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Average Weight of a P4 Laptop

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    Average Weight of a P4 Laptop

    Does anyone know the average weight of a P4 laptop? I have the opportunity to buy a few hundred mostly P4s, and the only problem is that the asking price is $5 each. There's no way I'd be able to pay that and not lose money. I usually pay $2 per scrap laptop with the battery included, but I was thinking maybe going as high as $3 each and walking away from any higher price. I just need to know the average weight of one so I can know my margins and price accordingly. Help would be great

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    Your average complete P4 laptop will range from 5 pounds for the super thin's of that time to 9-12 pounds for the super heavy desktop replacements.
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    If they are working I would be buying every single on of them. I can easily sell a P4 laptop at the flea market for $25+ per unit.
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    I would be very careful paying anything more for e-scrap you used to pay less for.

    As the prices for gold and silver fluctuate, people who purchased, and hoarded, large amounts of certain types of e-scrap, thinking they were going to cash in when gold and silver went up, are now trying to sell those same lots for at least what they purchased them for, and in some cases a little more. Dumping them on the market for more than what their true value is instead of selling them at market value. I can't say I blame them, they are just trying to get their money back out of the material after all, but even still that doesn't mean you have to be the one to pay the piper instead of them.

    I am starting to see all kinds of e-scrap I haven't been seeing for the last few years because of the current precious metals trend. I even had a customer I have purchased small amounts from awhile back, who refused to sell me his hoard of silver bearing material because he was saving it for retirement, call me up and ask if I was still interested at the price I gave him before. I turned him down of course, it wouldn't have been that profitable for me, but you get what I mean.

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