How to advertise as a Scrap Buyer to members and guests on the Scrap Metal Forum.

Here at the Scrap Metal Forum we provide the benefit of allowing you to put your offers in front of the audience that matters most. Advertising on our forum lets you engage with the market and individuals most interested in your offer.

This is a golden opportunity for any individual or business owner in the scrap metal industry who wants advertise in the most targeted, profitable way possible. We pride ourselves in maintaining a positive, well moderated and responsive community to learn, grow, network and make more money together.

What kind of results should you expect?

Since your offer goes live in an open forum community setting, the best way to judge what you can expect from your advertisement would be to look at the response to advertisements from existing members.

Have a quick look through the threads by visiting the Scrap Buyers and Sellers section here.

This highly active advertising medium has allowed individuals to start entire businesses from scratch, and business owners to reach new levels by directly engaging with their target market via advertising on our high-traffic public forum.

Here's how it works:

First off you have to be a registered member before you can start a thread. If you haven't already, you can create an account for free in about 60 seconds via the quick registration page here.

Once you're registered you may upgrade your account and create your thread in the 'Scrap Buyers and Sellers' section. Once submitted it will be placed into a moderation queue to be approved by an administrator before it goes live. When your thread is approved it will go live instantly on the forum at the top of the list of buyers and sellers.

Your scrap buyer thread does not expire, meaning it will not be deleted or disappear after any certain amount of time. Your advertisement is good for life. Threads here are displayed in the order in which they were submitted or promoted by the thread owner. Once your thread has been approved, your thread will appear at the top of the Buyers and Sellers section and will move down as new ads are submitted or promoted. You will have the option to bump your thread back to the top of the list at any time.

The top 7 threads (in order) are also prominently featured on the homepage of the forum to bring extra exposure to our forum buyers.

How to start your scrap buyer thread

The cost to create a scrap buyer or seller thread is a one-time fee of only $20. Low advertising cost means high return on investment, minimum risk and mutual confidence that you will continue advertising with us.

Step 1 - Create a free account on the forum if you have not already.

Step 2 - To make payment, visit your payments page here. Once there select the "Scrap Buyers and Sellers Thread" option and proceed to checkout.

Step 3 - Once payment has been made your account will automatically be upgraded and you can submit your buyer thread here.

Your advertisement will be approved by an administrator as soon as possible! Make sure your offer adheres to the Buyers and Sellers guidelines found here so we can approve your thread as soon as possible!

All threads and content are subject to the forum's TOS and forum rules.

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