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Macintosh G3 server

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    Macintosh G3 server

    I was given this today. Cant really find much sales info on it. Anyone got any info on these?Name:  apple server3.jpg
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    That Mac was a very high end machine back in it's day...I still use a similar overclocked G3 Mac tower for some CAD work...A real workhorse...

    Below is a link to show you the specs:

    Mac Server G3 333 Minitower Specs (Minitower, M6700LL/A, N/A*, M4405, None) @

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    aaron p started this thread.
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    Asking around, it looks like maybe only profit about $50 or so if I knew it was working. I will hang onto it for a little while, but I think its going to get scrapped out unless somebody wants the MOBO and cpu/ram As Is.

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