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IMB 21" CRT & a surround sound amplifier

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    IMB 21" CRT & a surround sound amplifier

    Interestingly this had a Sony Trinitron Tube inside.
    They were the best you could get. Not surprising, as IBM are high quality guys.

    Lots of Tantalum Capacitors.
    Unfortunatley I had this guy turned on before I scrapped. I should have run the screw driver along the bottom of the board to help discharge all the capacitors. Instead I was placing the screw driver between the legs.
    Got a little shock from the two at the top, what I think happed was my cutters contacted the charged one behind the one I was cutting
    Nothing serious, not even near an electric fence shock.

    A. Junk resistors
    B. Silver?
    D. Flat discs may only be Zinc Oxide, I will smelt and test.
    C. Any idea, the grey bits are what is underneath the white cap, has spark gap in centre. Here is a pic of what is inside, two gold contacts?

    Had a 5.1 Surround Sound Amplifier, would've only been able to sell for $25, and that takes time and hassle, so scrapped it.
    Some nice Silver Mica Capacitors.

    The Yellow Squares might be Tantalum. I've seen larger ones in yellow and different colours but they are just Variable resistors or Voltage Regulators (I don't think they are of value).
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