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People are buying LCD/LED Monitors?

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    People are buying LCD/LED Monitors?

    I seen in another post a guy said he was paying for flat screen monitors.
    I guess I am missing something.

    Outside of fixing caps and such, what is of value in a monitor?
    I know about the little strip of board on the bottom, but outside of that i must be missing something.

    I have a gaylord full of flat screens. I get so many good ones i don't even mess with fixing bad ones.
    But, outside of refurbishing super nice ones, where are folks adding up the value out of scrapping them.

    No one around Iowa buys them, and they are pretty heavy to ship unless you are going someplace with a truckload of them.

    I am just curious as to how folks are getting to a $2.00 price point for buying them.
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    I think most people are selling them to be repaired. Most of the time it's just a few bad caps that need replacing
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    I sell the good ones locally on CL and the bad ones I get 1.00/each or send em to Ewasted for 2.50 (I think it is)....Not much value there but I have probably sold around 20 this week alone on CL.....The 19's and 20's sell great but I have a huge overstock of working 17 inch monitors right now....Luckily sold 2 yesterday

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    I would guess that they are buying them to fix and resell. They too probably have a whole room full of monitors not worth fixing! Glad that business is going well for you!

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