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Grapple for skid steer

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    Grapple for skid steer

    Does anyone use a grapple on your skid steer to load white goods? And if you do which one works best? Thanks

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    I use a combination claw and rake. It does a great job cleaning out shelter belts for hunters and wildlife and works well for appliances. It is also used to load heavy steel, but it is not made for that application.
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    Hell yea. I can load three at a time. I also have flat free tires on my Skiddy so i usually crush whatever I can so I'm not hauling air. I bought my grapple from skid pro the extreme root rake model I think it was. The last load of appliances I did, I was appalled how much tinnier they have gotten. I can grab a washer & squeeze it to brreak the plastic drum over an empty trash dumpster.

    I got hooked up with a school district recently that was purging their furniture, to buy new. making sure they spent their budget so they get the same next year. Filing cabinets, desks, teacher and student, (plastic chairs with metal legs which I avoided except to bring about 40 home to sell), a/v carts, etc. anything in a school... it was sick. I'd crush the cabinets, tip the desks over and grab the metal base and tear the bottom loose from the top , crush it and throw it on the trailer. I have a 16' dump trailer with 4' sides and the best I could do weight wise was 4400 # before I ran out of room

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