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New Badges of Honor?

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    matador started this thread.
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    SMF Badges of Honor

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    New Badges of Honor?

    I hope I'm in the right spot.

    I may have not been paying attention, but are there new SMF Honor Badges? I've noticed "Entrepreneur", "Experienced", and "New" this week. I don't recall seeing them before.

    Am I just going nuts, and have these been here all along?

    Can anyone explain what they exactly signify? Aren't we all entrepreneurs?

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    SMF Badges of Honor

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    Yes, a few new badges of honor. We didn't want anyone to feel, "unhonorable"

    Here's a list of the badges and what they stand for:

    New Member - This one is self explanatory.

    Experienced - After you have a handful of posts, and have been registered at least a couple days, you become an "experienced" member. Experienced members have slightly more permissions on the forum than brand new members. Such as being posting links (spam prevention), more private messages.
    (replaces new member badge)

    Entrepreneur - Once you hit 50 posts on the forum, you become an "entrepreneur" member. Most "hobbyists" or "once in a while" recyclers take a while to make it to "entrepreneur" status.
    (replaces experienced badge)

    Senior Member - Members who have been registered for over 1 year, become Senior Members.

    Top Contributor - Any members who have 1,000+ posts on the forum get the Top Contributor badge.

    Military Veteran - This badge is given to members who have served their country or are currently serving their country in the military (as seen in the "Roll Call" sticky thread in the Off Topic forum).

    Scrap Room Member - Members with a Scrap Room membership get this badge. (replaces new member, experienced, or entrepreneur badges)

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