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  1. Big Fall in Copper & Brass Prices in past month UK con

    Having received quotes on Brass in the past month from 2 separate yards
    I can now confirm a 20% drop in UK Brass(& copper prices).

    Brass is now at 2 a kilo as of 12/12/19

    Previously it was...
  2. Crazy Making Changing prices-UK-Maths not my strong point!

    Heres heres prices of commonly traded categories that is as given to the private seller.
    As of last week.
    These are from what are regarded as' honest'paying yards.

    Domestic Wire PVC 1000...
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    Why Dumpster Divers are justified

    Get out that bin!
    The voice echoed it was the thrift shop woman again.
    Leave that trash can alone or I will get the cops!
    Peeking under the lid the brass silver and copper jugs glimmered...
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    Saturation and recycling retail

    Im finding little categories of used goods coming my way.
    Lamps here,mirrors there,keyboards there.....
    they can then all by bundled up and sold dirt cheap in lots to the highest bidder.
    Most are...
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    I dot find E Bay a good medium to offer scrap

    Computer e waste I offered did not get bids.
    Posting a 25kg boiler through the mails is just kinda expensive.
    Offering a collect it service may be better but you run the risk of
  6. rant thread - Agreed number one dumpster diving rule is dont...

    Agreed number one dumpster diving rule is dont make a mess.
    However youve got to remember that there are many folks out there to whom your trash means the difference bewtween
    money for eating and...
  7. November 2019.UK.Copper/Brass significantly down this week.c.15%

    Noticed a big drop off suddenly in Copper Brass November 2019
    Copper was c.3.70ish Kg now 3.30
    Brass was c.2.70 ish now 2.20

    The former prices had been stable for some time.

  8. Dealers Rule nr1.Never ask 'where its coming from'??

    If you are a Dealer and you want to scare off your most regular sellers just ask them straight out this no no (well at least no no in sellers view)
    'Hey man where is all this gear coming from'?
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    Hi All.The machine link looked interesting but...

    Hi All.The machine link looked interesting but some reviews say its difficult to get replacement blades.?
    that plastic is tougher than it looks.Tried drill scouring it with a wire wool eraser head...
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    Standing in Skips

    May sound trite but for newbies watch out standing in any sort of skip or dumpster
    with soft soled footwear.
    Have twice been up casualty for tet jabs after rust nail jabbed foot!
    Also take great...
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    Stripping Cable to Bright Copper home methods?

    Ive various plastic coated copper cables left after slitting the steel armoured sheath off
    with a Cobalt bladed Stanley by hand
    and these thinner cables are much trickier to hold down and slit...
  12. Domestic Ni Cad/Alkaline 'Pencil'Batteries AA AAA etc?Prices?

    Often see here collection points in stores etc for Ni Cad AAA ,AA Alkaline Pencil domestic batteries.
    Actually bucket loads of them
    Someone must be recycling or selling these.
    Any idea of a price...
  13. Computer Innards scrap board-20 cents a kilo fair?

    Inner circuit computer scrap boards.
    20p kilo here in UK. (20 cents kilo)
    Fair ?please?

    Thanks ahead
  14. General Attitude, States to Divers and Reclaimers?

    Am thinking of paying The States a working holiday that would involve some casual
    dumpster diving for metals and other reuseables but am wondering what this would be like?
    Most places in England...
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    This thead is a question - Thanks.Was in a retail parking lot,. Yeah very...

    Thanks.Was in a retail parking lot,.
    Yeah very well put
    this was a take whta you want no mess.
    but verbal permit about weeks ago by a temporay employee.
    cop just chanced on it
    nfa my guess &...
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    This thead is a question - Plain Clothes Police again

    Is it unlawful to be found standing looking into a gaping dumpster having taken nothing?
    Local Plain Clothes breezing up again,
    We had a lot of heat round these parts after the usual derelicts...
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    Most valuable scrap Plastics and China?

    A little bit off topic but of interest Im sure,sorry I dont know scrap plastic forum.
    Report said China is getting picky over europes plastic waste.
    That there are different grades of...
  18. Interesting. Much more time and work then. Some...

    Much more time and work then.
    Some brass is well nigh impossible to clean.
    What about rubber washers INSIDE taps?
    Id figured small iron 'melted'in the vat so kinda vanished
  19. 'New'widespread rules o

    A friend of mine the other day was told at a yard of 'new' widespread' rules coming in affecting 'everyone '
    'everywhere'by which long previously accepted brass was in future to be 100% clean and...
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    Glass shower doors that shatter to smythereens

    Watch if your doing doors and moving glass shower doors
    The slightest jolt they can shatter to smythereens.
    Safety glass granted but wouldnt want your face near them when it happens.
  21. This thead is a question - Tightly woven steel filament round copper 3 strand.How to remove?

    Came across a clear coated wire Ive not seen before.
    Its clear plastic coating Stanleys off well enough but
    then theres a criss cross very tightly bound magnetic
    steel coating thats very fine and...
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    Some prices noticeably down in UK too

    Just noticed drops in order of 10-15% of what I was getting previously on Copper
    and Brass.
    Alu and SS holding up at 60p kilo.
    But the first aforementioned 2 are noticeably down after peak highs....
  23. This thread is a serious one - 2 British Men gaoled for pludnering 1914 Warship on Sea Bed for Scrap metal in Channe

    Men guilty of plundering sunken warship HMS Hermes in Straits of Dover

    2 Men have been convicted in an unusal case of hauling 16,000 pounds worth
    of scrap metal and other items from a WW1 British...
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    Thanks guys

    No doors involved unless its hinges and handles lol.
    Very gray area.
    Boot(thrift)sale cast offs from automobile trunks in fields,
    With permission general commercial retrieval.
    Debris from...
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