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    Well the thermostat is "worn out"?? At times I...

    Well the thermostat is "worn out"?? At times I have to turn the knob back and forth till the AC compressor kicks in out of the fan mode and it has to be at least low 80's out to work. Another thing...
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    A really old window unit..

    Sorry for posting again on this subject but I didn't want post on some older the threads below are going on 8 years ago.
    I have a 1975ish 8000 btu Whrilpool still in my window that...
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    Hi, just a noob..

    Hi everyone,
    like the title says i'm just a part time noob that just strips on occasion a thrown out TV, DVD and extention cords etc... and maby makes a run to the local yard every 2 years for a...
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