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    Thanks Diamond for the welcoming Jimicrk- About...

    Thanks Diamond for the welcoming
    Jimicrk- About 15k pounds of batteries.
    JJinLV- Sounds right where I am. I live in Martinez. I have some pictures for you I'll post over on the other posting.
  2. Wow, thanks guys for all the tips and help! That...

    Wow, thanks guys for all the tips and help! That was much faster than I figured.

    Thanks Hobo, I don't want to dispose of them for free. I need to find a buyer and will at some point.

  3. Laptop Batteries and NiMh batteries- buyers in CA?

    I tried searching here and seemed as most were out dated post but around 2013/2014 with lithium ion batteries. Anyways I am new here and see the buyers section and one decent lead there for batteries...
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    Hello from bay area CA

    Just a short intro. I don't deal with all that much scrap. Every now and then I'll pop my head up on here to see what I can find. Lately I'm in need of batteries buyers. I'm located in East Bay in...
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