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    Local Classifieds - Guidelines

    The overall guidelines for the Classifieds section are similar to those of the Scrap Buyers and Sellers section of the board.

    DISCLAIMER: This section of the forum contains content posted by members. The classified threads posted here are not associated, affiliated, endorsed or sponsored by, nor have the products and services offered here been reviewed, tested or certified by the Scrap Metal Forum, it's owners, associates, affiliates, or moderators.

    * - Do not post scrap wanted or scrap for sale ads. Both the for sale and wanted classified ads on SMF are not for buying/selling scrap, they are intended for buying/selling "stuff", such as torches, equipment, trailers, containers, computer testing stations, etc... Not 'scrap'. Ads that are intended to buy/sell scrap (single lots or monthly deals) should be posted in the Scrap Buyers and Sellers section.

    * - If you have any questions or concerns regarding an classified ad posted, ask the owner of the advertisement before you have any dealings with them. The buyer or seller's history on the forum, their profiles, and what has been posted by them in the past is available for you to research and evaluate.

    * - Please feel free to post reviews if you've had experience with a member who has advertised here. Since the forum does not review, recommend, or confirm the content of any classified ad submitted here offered, and disclaims all responsibility for whether or not their advertisements are accurate and that the advertiser will hold up to their end of the bargain, your truthful evaluation, experiences and opinions are important for other members who may be considering dealing with a member who has posted an ad, for example a 'for hire' posting.

    * - You must give our members and guests (your potential customers) some reliable and common way to contact you which is not dependent on the forum or it's features/functionality. An email address and/or phone number for example. Many members, such as new ones, and guests, who might be interested in dealing with you might not have enough posts or privileges to send or receive private messages.

    * - Although a Scrap Room Membership gives you the ability to post a classifieds ad, the forum staff still solely decides what is or isn't allowed or approved. There may be times when we might not allow certain advertisements or offers, or determine when an advertisement or offer will be discontinued.

    * - Anyone caught scamming or deceiving members here will lose posting privileges (obviously), and possibly removed from the forum entirely. If you're going to place an advertisement here it's your responsibility to maintain a good reputation and morals. If you need to close down your thread, submit a support ticket and ask that your thread be closed.

    * - If you do in the rare case, have an issue with a member who has posted an advertisement here, the issue is between you and them, not the forum, not the mods, not the forum owner or admins. However, we do encourage that you make us aware of any issues either via a support ticket or in a private message. You can also use the 'report' feature to report threads, the triangle icon at the bottom left hand corner of the first post will let you send a report to the forum admins and moderators.

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    BUYER advertisements are no longer allowed in the Classifieds section, we will be removing the prefix option all together shortly.

    BUYERS should advertise in the Scrap Buyers & Sellers section only. You now can select localized prefixes there to advertise locally.

    As a side note, while this section of the forum remains free for the time being, you should make use of it to potentially increase your bottom line via taking advantage of the profitable direct business networking opportunity available to you by posting here. Particularly the 'help wanted' and 'for hire' options.

    Here's a few examples of how you might use these to earn more profits with your business and tools.

    Some people might not have car haulers or the ability to prepare them correctly or efficiently. If this is the case, it might be a good idea for one to post a 'help wanted' or 'for hire' ad,

    "State - Help Wanted - Have a lead on a few vehicles but can't take on the project right now"


    "State - For Hire - Can haul and prepare vehicles, small or large for $100 (or a % of the end scrap value)"

    Another example,

    maybe you have a project that entails tools, equipment and/or manpower you don't have access too. Maybe large machinery or other parts/equipment that need to be cut up and you don't have the tools to do so. You might post a 'help wanted' or 'for hire' ad such as:

    "State - Help Wanted - Large project, several thousand pounds of heavy machinery and oversize parts"


    "State - For Hire - Can handle heavy scrap such as large machinery, demolition, or anything requiring specialized tools, equipment or abilities such as torch cutting, cranes and access to heavy loading equipment"

    Another example:

    Lots of scrappers don't have the equipment to properly evacuate and dispose of freon (refrigerant) contained in appliances and in vehicles.

    You might post a help wanted ad, looking for another local member who would be willing to do this for a fee. You might also, if you have the equipment and certs, post an ad offering to evacuate the items for a fee of some sort.

    Use the SMF classifieds to your benefit, you might just develop profitable business relationships this way with other members of the forum. The more people you know, that you can work with, the more money you might make in your scrapping ventures.

    Hope that helps!

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    Buying CRT glass. I am looking for the glass insulating bars on the Cathode Ray Gun. They come in white mostly, but also in blue, green, brown, gray. I will pay $25 a pound for white and $35-40 a pound for the colors.

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