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    Moving and need to move mostly refurbish grade computers

    Unfortunately, I am moving a few states away and my family needs to get rid of non-essentials for the move. That, unfortunately, means my recycle/refurbish computers and parts...
    The bulk of my 'inventory' includes:
    30-40 MPC ClientPro 414 All-In-One computers: 17" LCD and typical specs are 2.8ghz P4 HT processor, 512MB ram, 40GB drive, DVD-ROM and Windows XP Home license. I have already reloaded and activated Windows XP Home on about 8-10 of these. There are also some 424 and maybe still some 434 models in there as well.
    8-12 Dell Studio One All-In-One computers marked as "bad backlight". These have dual core intels. Maybe 2 or 3 of these are missing misc parts such as the back, trim, etc... Not sure if otherwise complete.
    4-8 Dell XPC All-In-One computers. Not sure of condition. Some are missing speaker covers, etc...
    1 SuperMicro dual 64 bit xeon workstation. It is missing the SATA or SCSI hot swap backplane (they came with either), but I have ide and sata drives plugged in and was using it for a home theater server. Has Windows XP Pro license.
    1 Dell Precision 670 dual 64 bit xeon workstaion. Complete. Has Windows XP Pro license.
    6 Shuttle small form desktops p4 3.0ghz with 1gb ram, currently no hard drives
    stack of laptops ranging from working Apple iBook G3 clamshells all the way up to dual core with issues.
    probably 30 wiped and tested hard drives ranging from 80gb to 250gb includes both ide and sata
    a P4 dell server working
    a dual p4 dell server working (one of these servers has a license for Microsoft SBS)
    100+ Cherry Point-Of-Sale keyboards with credit card readers (SPOS and MY7000) models, all USB. I have been selling these on ebay for up to $45 each.

    Looking to sell as a lot for local pickup. if you are interested and not local, you must arrange packaging/shipping.
    If you make a decent offer, I will include anything else that I have laying around including extra parts and the remaining scrap pc's I have left. If you are local, I can also include my website, google voice phone number, gmail account, tools (external hard drive connectors, motherboard tester, power supply tester) and existing clients with recurring pickups.

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    i dont know much about computers but are any of these gaming worthy? not even super hightech, but just enough to run coutnerstrike or the sims ..on the lowest setting. i cant ride my bike and need something to fill my time :X ill be paying S&H of course.
    collecting san joses scrap

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