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    Scrap Yards

    I am in Central Maine and have six scrap yards within my area of operations. I have used all but two and those I researched and visited but discounted. For the past year, I have used, exclusively, KENNEBEC SCRAP IRON INC, 48 Broomhandle Road, Oakland. They are small enough to offer personal service yet is run professionally and pays equal to a larger, international operation just a few blocks away. They accept ferrous and nonferrous metals. He accepts catalytic converters; paying equal to anyone in the area. I called about a Large GM and was offered just a few dollars less than a bigger out-of-state cat buyer (anybody from Maine knows what a big deal that is).

    KENNEBEC SCRAP IRON INC does not have a website. I have suggested it but the operators are "old school". I'm hoping I can help them a little with this endorsement. They're not well marked as far as signs. If you are coming up KMD in Waterville, go under I95 headed to Oakland. At the stop light in Oakland, turn right. Go about half a mile to the first road to the left (there's a small sign). Follow that another half mile or so till you go under a RR bridge. It's on the right.

    Although I used "the other" scrap yard in Oakland, I can not recommend them. My problem with them was the impersonal attitude of some of the employees. I get A LOT of #1 Iron in the form of brake rotors. Although they would use the grapple to unload the Light Iron, I would usually have to unload the rotors by hand, mostly without help, rather than by a magnet. My hands are obviously crippled with arthritis. The "final straw" was the last time I was there - The guy said they didn't have a magnet and I'd have to unload by hand. There was a magnet laying about ten feet behind him!! But they would have had to bring the grapple about 50 feet to get it and then back to the #1 pile. I unloaded 3,760 pounds (I have the ticket) of rotors and a woodstove by hand.

    I was assured at KENNEBEC SCRAP IRON that I'd never unload by hand.
    People may laugh at me, but that's ok. I laugh all the way to the bank.

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    I went to Schnitzer in Portland today. Wicked friendly atmosphere and I didn't feel like I was being hustled.
    Beachcomber Recycling
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    At my yard everyone unloads by hand, unless you have something too heavy to get off yourself then an employee will help you or they'll get out the magnet or forklift for you.

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    Yes this is a big deal, actually was doing some thinking on this. If you bought the rotors and had almost 4k pound thats like 300 rotors If you bought them to move one time on the truck its 300 then to sell again off the truck its 600 you moved. Double that if that one trip you maybe had to do twice now to sell two loads of 3700 pounds you moved 1200 rotors!!

    I did this at my shop, the accounts I love fun job but I had to move from a bin in a shop then to the back of my truck now to the box in my truck so thats 3 times I moved each rotor then I took the bin to my shop and it blew up a 4000 pound gaylord of rotors then to build again thats 4 times I moved the rotors now I go to sell said rotors and my buyer says you gota unload the dock is not free I have 3 boxes of gaylord packed rotors but they are in the front of a 25 foot box truck. so I had to by hand move the rotors two more times you cant throw a rotors 25 feet with out throwing it twice so the rotors I moved 6 times each to sell. Imagine I thought then for 8 years Ive been doing this. SO when I sold and the guy said and I love this buyer but what took you so long I told him I was having fun, you have idea what I just did to sell you these boxes of rotors, its like 900 rotors that day I sold to him and when I said I moved like 60,000 pounds of rotors for the 450 I just made profit he didnt get it and looked at me with the stupidest face. I did I moved 900 rotors for .50 cents each proft, sound good to move them one time but move them 6 times each from the first time your hand touch them you are not making 450 dollars Aaron. I would have been lucky to break even again that day. Hence why I said im having fun. I love scrap!! I can tell you do to. GOOd review you guys. Maine sounds like the place to buy cats!!!!

    I have a friend whos brother lives in maine and my friend is one of the best cat buyers in Central MA so I assume his brother is good. IF your scrap guy unloads your truck with a magnet Id just say keep selling to them but I could find this guys number.

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    What is your scrap kind? How do you process?

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    I tend to cut the top of 44 gallon - (NZ gallon. 44Gallons = 210 litres..)
    - US 55 gallon drum and leave the top lid in the base and then put that on the pickup bed or the trailer and deliver like that.
    They pick it up with the grapple and upend it to empty it and I have to chuck it back on afterwards.

    Inleave the lid inside on the bottom end so the scrap will not punch sharp holes into the base.
    It pays to actually put a rivet thru there to hold it in.

    I have just punched two holes thru the base and flattened the one in the base, then put the lid in and flattened the burrs over the edge of the bases hole to hold it in. It let's the water out too.
    A rivets quicker and easyier to explain....

    Don't use a grinder on drums that have had flammable solvents like petrol (or even plain oil) in them.

    I use earmuffs - a hammer and cold chisle to chisle round the top inner seam and drop the lid in.
    Pound around the burrs with the drum flat and the top edge on something like a 2X4 to remove the burrs.

    Google 'drum deheader' to find 1001 different ways to remove a drum lid (head)
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