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Eastern Connecticut Shoreline Yards (New London)

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    Eastern Connecticut Shoreline Yards (New London)

    I've been down here about a year and have frequented two yards :Connecticut Scrap in Uncasville and Calamari's in Chester.

    CTS is a busy and congested yard, small and compact. You back onto a scale, sometimes wait in a line to get into the crowded little yard. They have a shredder and will take cars. They take ferrous and non-ferrous. They don't take freon and they pay you peanuts for motors, compressors, pumps, and insulated wire. Any thing you sell to them needs to be dissasembled/stripped if you care about money.
    Their prices on most metals EXCEPT #1 Prepared Iron are not quite as good as Calamaris. They pay the same for batteries. Both of these yards pay cash. CTS takes down your plates and asks you to print your name on their receipt, while Calamaris takes your ID and puts it on the receipt.

    Calamari's generally has better prices, most noticeably on copper.
    Calamaris is easier to get into and pays better for insulated wire and most other things. They take cars, and will take freon-containing appliances (call to ask about $). They do not pay as much for heavy iron but they pay more for light.

    One thing about CTS that's nice is that their small scale averages to the pound. You can toss half a pound of copper then half a pound of lead then half a pound of aluminum on and they'll pay you for 1 pound of each. Once I tossed 4 beer cans on the scale and they paid me for a pound of cans
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