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    Located in Taylor on Pennsylvania east of Telegraph in downriver detroit. Next to Fritz auto part scrap yard.
    HONEST friendly helpful clean (no flat tire worries) and overall Kick butt place. Mostly for small scale individuals with a stake/box truck or smaller. While some big trucks do go there they mostly go next door keeping things flowing smoothly and quickly. If your new politly ask questions and they will help you AND WON'T RIP YOU OFF! I guess they understand if they don't rip ya off that $20 they will make ten fold that from you on return business. Who would have thought. Dont get me wrong if you don't ask or are cocky and arrogant I'm sure they are less opt to help ya.
    The girl up front is not just nice to look at but is also just as freindly and helpfull but she pays ya. YOU WALK OUT WITH CASH. Even though MI has that stupid new pay rule they load it on their in house atm card and ya get paid from their free atm so theres no checks or fees. I love this place and see a lot of future business with them.

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    I go to one of these two yards.

    41495 Irwin Drive Mount Clemens MI (off I-94 and North river road.) No steal but they will test for gold if you ask. Not my preferred but quick and if you have a large load they will help you get it into their weigh bins.

    31 Mary St., Mount Clemens, MI 48043. This one is divided up into two spaces. One with a truck scale for large amt's of aluminum and steel or iron. The other a quarter block down the road does everything else. No help with gold testing but they always answer questions and seem knowledgeable. Also take e-scrap.

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    I go to two different Scrap Yards.

    1. Omnisource, Adrian MI, National company, great employees, only problem is they dont take alot of stuff because of Government Regulations, But high price for Straight Steel and Aluminum.

    2. Razor Back Metals, Dexter, MI, Good Prices, Great people. Are always the same few guys, Friendly. Takes everything that can be sold minus tires tv tubes. This is my favorite Yard. And it is only about 2 miles from where my day job is. So not out of my way even though it is about 18 miles away.


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    Ferrous Processing & Trading is by far the best scrap buyer in Southeastern Michigan. They have many yards around the area and always pay highest prices without cheating on scale weights. I've found them to pay for the actual metals I bring in. They will actually upgrade some things for me and classify it as a higher grade than I though it was. Ferrous Processing has locations in Flint, Pontiac, Warren, Detroit, Taylor and Ypsilanti. I think they also have yards in Ohio, Tennessee and Florida.

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