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Shipping. usps via Gaylord ltl shipping.

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    Shipping. usps via Gaylord ltl shipping.

    I am trying to figure out the best way to get boards to my buyers and here is what I have found. Surprised me.

    My last shipment of boards was 41 lbs and it cost me $28 usps so that is $.68 / lb.

    I was thinking about filling gaylords with scrap and seeing if I could get the cost per lb down.

    I figured the from my house to the business. A pallet gaylord weighing 850 lbs (thanks EASY for the estimate) picked up with liftgate services. Rough estimate came out to a shocking $1100 via Freightquote.... that's $1.30 / lb. WOW.

    As I'm typing this Freightquote gave me a call and said they could do better then the online quoted price because I have used them before. They now gave me $470. That comes out to .55 / lb. That's better, and a little cheaper then usps.

    Now the real question would be, can I sit on scrap long enough to fill a box or do I turn it over faster to get paid more often.

    Freight class for scrap electronics is 92.5. Am I right on the freight class or does it need to be a different class?

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    You list a shipment and freight/independent truckers bid on it. If you can get in on the end of a truck load that is headed where your shipment is going, I'd think you could get the price knocked down a bit.

    One possible down side to this is everyone thinks they're a trucker now. Look at feedback and see if they seem trustworthy. Last thing you need is some jerk picking up your stuff and you never hear from them again.

    Throw a listing up and see what kind of bids you get. You're not obligated to follow through.

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    Keep shopping. You can get it shipped for around 30 or so cents a pound. I will see if I have any of the old numbers in my phone book still.
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    I would stick with the name brand companies.

    Con-way LTL
    UPS Freight
    R+L LTL
    FedEx LTL
    A. Duie Pyle LTL
    CMHN Recycling

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    Be VERY careful with Uship. I used to be a freight broker - MC 595589 if you want to check it out. With Uship, you are acting as your own broker without knowing how (usually). The most common scam is for someone to pick up your stuff. Then, from another state, call you saying it will cost you another $xxx to have your stuff delivered. By law, when it's on his truck, it belongs to him legally. Either you just GAVE it to him or he signed for it with a Bill of Lading. Either way, it's his till it's unloaded and the Receiver signs for it. Most of the transporter are honest and just want to get the stuff delivered and get paid. But it only takes the ONE that picked up your stuff.

    Usually freight is figured by the mile, not the pound. Perhaps a combination of the two, but then the weight would be a surcharge.

    CMHN gave good advice.
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