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The UPS Store

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    The UPS Store

    So I go with my friend to drop off a Dish hopper device in a pre paid UPS box. I tell my friend tape up the box and put prepaid sticker on it. He says UPS told him to leave the box open so they can see what is being shipped, and they will tape up the box and put sticker on it!?!? Any one else heard of this? I would not do this.

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    Never had that happen...As long as it's paid for, it shouldn't be any of their business...

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    Its not surprising. I gave up on UPS a long time least the UPS store locally. It seemed as if they were put out whenever I packaged something myself. I know they are independently owned and make more money on selling packing services, but they are also part of UPS and should simply take in a box with a label. Started using FedEx and never looked back

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    I tape it and put the label on like you said, then take it to staples and they throw it on a UPS truck that usually goes to the UPS hub in Allentown.

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    I've heard, so don't quote me, that UPS has a deal with Dish to inspect the return boxes and only send back the higher value DVRs and boxes. All other low value switches and cables are trashed at the UPS depot and never shipped back. I'm guessing it saves on shipping on there prepaid shipping agreement. I have a few sources that have noticed and commented on this practice.

    If you gave them the box sealed with the label applied, they are legally bound to deliver it and not able to open and inspect it. If you hand it to them unopened with no label applied, they can do what they please with the contents.

    might be an opportunity for someone. wink wink
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