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    Hey, everyone.

    Staples and the United States Postal Service have officially split. If your local store has harbored a USPS kiosk, as of 2/17/17, that arrangement is concluded.

    Allegedly, Staples has just done a terrible, terrible job of acting as an intermediary on every level, including accurate pricing, handling, returns, etc.. This has been some time in coming but I guess the problems never resolved and show no substantial sign of repair. As far as I can tell, the window for notifying the general public was slim, possibly less than two weeks, by my observation. There may have been postings in places other than either the PO or Staples' stores, themselves, though I never heard tell or saw anything, anyplace.

    I know this doesn't affect everybody but I was very nearly hosed pretty hard when I held off until Saturday afternoon (you know, for convenience) to send my Priority boxes, only to find that my one real hope was trying to squeeze them through the metered mail drop at the only PO around which doesn't lock all of its doors before 1PM on the weekend. I just didn't want anyone to find out the way that I found out, with no warning and practically no time to adjust their schedule.

    UPS service at Staples' stores will continue, per my reckoning.

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    Thanks for the heads up. I don't use a Staples to send USPS, but if I did, I would be glad to keep from making a wasted ride. My rule of thumb is that if it doesn't fit into my mailbox, send it FedEx.

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