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Some Basic Tips From A New Scrapper

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    Some Basic Tips From A New Scrapper

    So I am still a pretty new part time scrapper but I do have some tips for people so you guys can get started on the right foot if you are new.

    1.) it all adds up!, try not to throw anything in the trash call your local yard even with what you may think are dumb questions. for example I threw away 100 hard drives before I found out I could get 90 cents a LB.

    2.) ask for scrap!, print out some business cards and stop in places, ask your uncle and brother in law and all of your family. advertise as doing them a favor of getting rid of their stuff thats laying around. and if you must you can pay for things that you can get a profit on.

    3.) Sell high!, I try to watch the market and sell at the best prices, shop your local yards and on line options. also most yards will give you a better price if you have more scrap, so please don't go every time you get a stainless steel fork. god I hate waiting in line behind those people.

    4.) Basic things to look for!,
    Auto parts
    anything metal, especially things that magnets don't stick to
    exercise equipment
    Wire and cable
    Plumbing and sinks
    and a ton more

    5.) Have fun!, Who wouldn't have fun breaking stuff anyway!

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    I've just gotten into scrapping as an extension of my auction buying of storage units and such. A few things that I would add to your list.

    1) Plan ahead - figure out the best route to max payload vs gas if you go out looking for scrap on trash pick-up days.
    2) Don't just scrap everything - some things have a higher resale value as parts, fixed up, etc. then scrapping.
    3) Seperate your scrap - take ferrous metal one trip and then non-ferrous the next. Seperate your copper, alum, etc. Max the money potential.
    4) Be courtious - when working or making contacts be open and friendly. Clean up after yourself so that you are remembered and get a call back.

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    Hey, you have given us some interesting tips. I am very glad to see such nice information, which I was searching for a long time. It could be really helpful for us.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    I am new to this forum, so i have been searching for helpful information. This was informative. I hope you continue to share more.

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    Search the forum and do a web search on this if you pickup PC's, and get a can of "Raid" to keep handy:

    Be careful opening up towers or desktops that were used at a home or small business. I recently saw the most nasty thing ever - I didn't have on my glasses so it just looked like a bunch of dirt inside... at first... till something moved... it was a large infestation of cockroaches inside!!

    It's a real thing that can happen - happens more often than you'd think. Be warned. Nastiest schtuff ever, like something out of a movie.. and I am not creeped out easily.
    Turn & Burn

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    I treat the dust that's inside computers like its toxic. Wear safety glasses & if I was doing a lot of them, paper breathing mask too.
    Open the casing & spray a mix of water, detergent/alcohol in there on the dust till it's wet & then scrap it down.
    The power supplys get dunked in a bucket of detergenty water before I open them up.
    Laptops get a good soaking around the fan & heatsinks.

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