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Copper/ brass radiator

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    Copper/ brass radiator

    Hi got my first brass/copper radiator didn't know what it was until I got the steel off thought it was dark aluminum lol banged it copper to my surprise. Brass tank ends one end has a steel thing inside it I was thinking on buying a osilator tool little more control on cuts since I have to cut the nuts out cause they soldered them on or something won't turn they normally turn. So do I cut off the end then cut the bolts then pull it out that way? Don't want to cut to much. What do those normally go for are they worth more than copper/aluminum rads?

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    The brass radiators do pay better than copper / aluminum.

    I don't know about the other things. I've only seen one or two brass radiators in the time i've been scrapping.

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    Those are pretty rare now-a-days. In my 14 yrs scrapping i maybe did 3 or 4 of them. I think i had to remove one side of the tanks to clean them and sell the tank side as yellow brass after the steel was removed. Its been maybe 3 yrs since my last one. A pic would help.

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    When I was much younger those rads were common, the scrap yard kept an old axe at the scale to cut the metal sides off they were only soldered to the top and bottom brass tanks. Some metal sides wrapped around the bottom tank but never soldered all the way around.

    Sold as number 2 copper.

    Large radiators from cranes and dozer both the top and bottom tanks were made of cast iron and were bolted to the tanks with a heavy gasket between tank and rad.

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