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    New to Forum..........need insight...............

    Not really a "scrapper" as such but because we farm and therefore generate a fair number of broken and wore out parts which something has to be done with I end up making a trip now and again to the scrap yard. Mostly it's just steel and cast iron.....maybe a little copper wire or an electric motor.

    Occasionally, when the pile at the barn is getting close enough to where I know I'm going to have to make a run I'll keep an eye out for other stuff I can add to the pile to make the run sooner......and pay for a little more gas.

    The other day the neighbor dumped some old electronics which I figured I'd add to the pile. Got curious so took a few of them apart......and found what was in there interesting. of the things he left was a old "tuner" like you'd see in the early 70's by Sony or Pioneer. big heavy thing with lots of dials and plug ports for speakers. Weighed a good 30 pounds, most of that being a transformer that was 10 pounds if a ounce and too a couple of large aluminum finned heat sinks.

    There were also 4 circuit boards. Three caught my attention because they have what look like the "fingers" folks talk about on computer parts that have some small amount of gold.

    I can not figure out how to post a picture but would email them to someone who'd be kind enough to educate me.

    My question is whether the fingers on this old thing are the same as the fingers on computer stuff? And if so should they be cut off and saved or is that just copper/brass? Sure looks the same as what is on computer "fingers".......but a lot bigger and thicker.

    Instruction/insight appreciated.

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    Many old electronics have a more then scrap value. They can be sold whole working or not or parted out. Take a look at what they get for the knobs on eBay.

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