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    Question Used Gondola Shelving Ad Leads to Massive Store Floorplan Design & Set-Up

    In selling old gondola shelves i good from a store clean out, my buyer wants me to design his store floorplan, arrange acquisition and shipping of gondolas, end caps, shopping carts, and other displays & shelving as well as assembly of shelving units and completion of the floorplan. I've never done that before, I mostly just clear the stuff out, but I am familiar with several outlets selling these types of shelves.My main question is how much should I charge & which shipping agents are best in N.E.Texas.

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    Ask for an engineer to help with the design. Maybe a student of startup and see what kind of deal you can work up. Add 25-40% for any unforeseen issues and give it your best shot. Make sure to collect the $$$'s for any material you buy and Boogie with Stu.

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    The gondolas & endcaps are pretty straightforward.

    As for layout ... it would depend on what kind of a retail establishment it is. You might try Googling store layout ideas as a beginning.

    After that ... i would work hand in glove with the person that you are doing this for. Lol ... it's not like they can say that they hate it after you've finished when they've been actively involved in the process.

    I would contact their product supplier as well. Let's say that it was a hardware store for instance. Most hardware supply chains have specialists in hardware store layout right on staff. These people are here to help you set up your store at little or no charge. It's all part of the service that they provide.

    A little more info would be helpful.

    What kind of retail outlet is it ? How many square feet is the store ?

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