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Release of liability

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    Release of liability

    Anyone ever ask someone to sign a "Release of Liability" form for when/if you remove or uninstall an appliance from someone's home or business?

    I've only un-installed an appliance twice since I have started this and both times were a misunderstanding of what I was doing there... that is only picking up an appliance. I did verbally tell them that I am doing this at their own risk and I assume no responsibility or liability for any damage to their property etc... but they were nice and didn't seem to care or were not worried.

    Either way it's not something I plan on doing anyway, I have no desire to be an "appliance un-installer" but just wanted to see if anyone that does has the home/business owners sign a form like that if they don't have insurance.

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    I've never had to sign a form, for removing anything from a building (yet).

    My own personal policy, is that I am very carefully, about anything energized electrical (wiring, etc.) in a building that still has power to it. If I am going to remove light fixtures, etc., I would rather have the owner disconnect the power, etc. I do not want to be in trouble for starting a fire or someone getting electrocuted when I was salvaging.

    When I make an offer to buy salvage, I do sometimes mention that what I am paying to the owner for the salvage, can be used to offset their cost to hire an electrician to disconnect the power.

    Most sources of my salvage are "gentlemen's agreements". Nothing in writing, but the respect to the owner that I will not start a fire or subject anyone to electrocution from my salvaging.

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    I would think that those that charge for this service would face more of a liability issue than someone removing an appliance for free. Before insurance or liability waivers I would recommend setting up an LLC, even for those that are part time. We face numerous liability issues that we cannot predict and giving up my magnet is easier than my families security.
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