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    Overload of Motherboards, Hard drives, and more!!

    I have been casually scrapping computers, copiers, cell phones, TVs and any other components that may contain precious metals over the past couple of years, and NEED to sell it. I've never sold e-waste and need the advice of any experienced scrappers out there that have had success . Who are the most respected buyers? Also, how exactly do buyers want this stuff cleaned and sorted? Should I consider selling any of it through eBay? Any advice out there would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    I would check the buyers section which I am a part of and see who fits your needs best. Each buyer requirments are different. I personaly wouldnt mind answering any and all question you may have and give my cell phone number in my buyers listing.

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    Welcome to the forum, do take advantage of PartTimeScrapper's offer. He has been very helpful to myself and many others here on the forum.

    73, Mike
    "Profit begins when you buy NOT when you sell." {quote passed down to me from a wise man}

    Now go beat the copper out of something, Miked

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    Good Luck. I am looking to get a bunch of copiers and towers soon.

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