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    The metal shafts might be sellable on ebay as 'Round metal stock' for home hobbist engineers.

    I save them up, along with the springs, the ribbon cables, i cut the Gold plated contact ends off the Gold ribbons, pluck the short shafts from the gear boxes out.
    Any LEDs & Opto sensors get put aside to reclaim the Gold wire from ( one day..), any decient green boards, power boards get the Copper wire coils ripped out, any Optocouplers broken off & saved, any power Transistors plucked out & saved, fuses saved, any wire cut out,

    If they have a scanning setup, i get the 'Light bar' & clean that down to its board, its got 160 Gold wires normally ( not a lot of weight, but...)
    The sheet of glass put aside.
    The bigger electric motors saved ( they are expensive to buy on TradeMe, haven't checked eBay prices ) other motors go into the 'electric motors/small transformers bin - i don't get much for a small drum, but i'd get nothing if i didnt...

    All that stuff adds up but in the end it takes a lot of extra time to do. I cant sell the plastic here & i dont get anything for the metal either.
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