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    How would one go about finding scrap medal in dumpsters??

    So its obvious that there would be scrap medal in dumpsters, but how do I go about dumpster diving? Do I goto ask the shop first or just dive in as long as its not locked, no sign, no fence, and not agsinced a bululding? Help :0

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    Based on your two threads, it is evident you are new to the world of scrap. First I always ask. It is better to be safe than sorry.

    Now a few insider secrets to this forum and the world of scrap. Introduce yourself in the new members section. Tell us a little about yourself and your interest in this type of lifestyle. You will get more responses to your questions. If you already introduced yourself, I apologize and could not find it.

    Next, the two questions you asked have been a starting point for most on this forum. Some learned the hard way and experienced if first hand. The smarter ones went to the search function in the upper right hand corner and searched for the answer saving them an entire days work walking ditches to make the money or getting arrested because they did not have permission. Another secret of the forum, at the bottom of a thread is a list of similar threads, providing more insight.

    No matter how careful you are, you will ask a question answered in a previous thread. That's okay if you have made an attempt to find the answer before posting it. This forum has some of the smartest individuals as members and they do not mind sharing their trade secrets if a person shows effort and appreciation. Some of the best information is contained in threads with titles that do not relate to the topic.

    Now to answer your questions: As far as collecting scrap in ditches, it depends on location, your knowledge of metals, and luck. As far as dumpster diving, always ask. This will make it legal and possibly provide you with contacts as you create your network.

    Good luck and welcome to the forum from the Dakota's.

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    when ever I dumpster dive I get permission first .
    You NEED work boots with steel toes and plate in the sole there are nails and other sharp objects in dumpsters that will mess you up .

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    To start out like they say, get permission then while your talking to them hand them your "business card". How do you do that you might ask?? Well I'll tell you, if you have a printer and less than $4.00 you can start out with some home made cards.

    This will give them something to remember you by, could be good or bad, but for it to be good, don't make a mess of their dumpster. Good luck.

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    and you never know, if you ask they might start saving stuff out for you, save you having to dumpster dive in the first place

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