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    Quote Originally Posted by SKWrapper View Post
    Well you should feel bad for not smoking the banana peels - how could someone waste banana peels that way is beyond me.
    Nope, I only smoke corn silk.

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    Part of the problem is the doors on the microwave . The glass in the doors have lead in them . Plus if the yard is handling e waste . If they are R2 RIOS or E-steward . I think they have to handle them like a crt. Plus the yards the shred cars and metal. Have to test their trash ( fluff ) for lead . I do not know how often . If you have to many microwaves on they will set the radiation detector off . The volume most people get . They will never have a problem .

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    I can understand some yards not taking whole microwaves, but rejecting the metal frame or shell or whatever you want to call it... it's horse hockey, maybe it's why I see so many people sneak them in that don't even bother to cut up the frame.
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