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The TV had the last laugh.

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    The TV had the last laugh.

    So, last week I took a TV from the warehouse next to me that the girl wanted to get rid of in the office. I let it sit for a couple days, and then on Sunday I dismantled it, discharging it as well. I'm worried about getting shocked by these things, so I'm careful with them (or so I think). Fast forward to today (Tuesday). I go to dig something out of my low grade board bin, and grab this board that is still on top. It gave me a good jolt, nothing huge, but more than what I have felt out of a regular socket. More than anything, it scared the crap out of me. Respect the TVs!

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    It's the capacitors, they can hold a charge for weeks or months sometimes,,,lol
    a healthy respect for them doesn't hurt, kind of like a snake,,,
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    Careful there, Ive done 100's of tv's / monitors and never got a shock. Took a ceiling fan apart once that sat in the driveway for about two weeks and that sparked when i cut the wires out. weird

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    I had a computer power supply last week that still held some electricity. It was a seperate board from the main board, it had its own capactors, I think it was a extra 5v power supply running off the main 12volt supply.

    It made a nice spark as something sorted out the cap. Slightly scarey, nothing else I have picked up sparked before....

    Except car windows as I was cutting thru them with loppers to get to the dash. (in the dark..)
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    Thats why i always have a tub of water nearby. Just dunk them in there when i'm giving the cat a bath. It still shocks me but its funny to watch what happens to the cat.

    (i'm completely joking of course, dont call PETA)

    (besides, its really the fish tank i use)

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