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How to Post and Bump a Scrap Metal Services Thread

| Scrap Metal Removal, Junk Car Removal and Metal Recycling Services
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    How to Post and Bump a Scrap Metal Services Thread

    Scrap Metal Removal advertisement threads are limited to upgraded forum members only. This is a high exposure section, where homeowners, business owners and more come looking for scrap metal removal or other metal recycling related services.

    The traffic coming to this section is specifically in need of what you have to offer, it's not to be considered a 'member to member' advertisement, but rather 'member to guests'. You're offering your service to the world.

    The results our members have seen as a result of their advertisement here speak for themselves.

    If you're not taking advantage of this exposure you're simply leaving money on the table.

    Here's a thread with some feedback regarding the services section - The Scrap Metal Removal Services Section works

    All service listings posted are held for approval and review. Please make sure to understand and abide by the conditions and guidelines prior to submitting a service listing to ensure you get the most out of your scrap metal removal, junk car removal, or other metal recycling service listing.

    Please make sure your service listing itself complies with all of the following guidelines:

    1 - Your title should be accurate and descriptive. Try to include reference to the type of service you provide, and optionally, a specific location or area you service as needed.

    2 - Make sure that the body of your listing is descriptive, informative and free of many typographical errors. Real people in need of your services will be reading your service listing. Don't include a one or two sentence summary of your service and expect it to be approved.

    3 - Make sure to include some form of contact information in your post so when interested potential customers are viewing your service offering, they have a method to contact you.

    4 - The higher the quality and more descriptive your listing is, the more exposure and potential business you'll get from it.

    Before you submit your listing you must have an upgraded account on the forum.

    There are 2 options available. A scrap room membership comes with the ability to post a services thread, or you can take the single thread option.

    1 - Scrap Room Membership (includes service thread) $37

    2 - Scrap Metal Services Thread (thread only) $10

    Click here to upgrade your account.

    Once payment has been made you'll be able to post your thread here. Once your ad is approved it will automatically be posted to the top of the list. All threads are displayed in the order which they were submitted or bumped. You will have the ability to 'bump' your thread if you choose to do so.

    Thanks, and good luck!
    The Scrap Metal Forum team.
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