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Massachusetts - Scrap Metal Removal and Electronics / Computer Recycling

| Scrap Metal Removal, Junk Car Removal and Metal Recycling Services
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    Massachusetts - Scrap Metal Removal and Electronics / Computer Recycling

    Scrap Metal, Appliance, Electronic and Computer Waste Removal - Pittsfield Massachusetts / Berkshire County, MA / Eastern Columbia County, NY

    Call MTD Scrap Metal Removal and E-Waste Recycling. Licensed and Fully Insured.

    Quick, reliable scrap metal, electronic and computer waste removal service. Removal of any scrap metals, computers and electronics (sorry, we charge for removal of CRT TVs) that you need to be rid of. Your items will be properly recycled in the safest, most efficient and legal way possible. We are EPA certified for the proper recovery of refrigerants from air conditioners, refrigerators, freezer, dehumidifiers, etc.. Will pay cash for large lots of non-ferrous scrap metal and or computer scrap. We will purchase most types of wire.

    We also do junk removal, clean outs and light hauling.

    Here are some, but not all, of the items that we take *

    Washing machines
    Air conditioners
    Water heaters
    Furnaces and boilers (must not have asbestos on them)
    Aluminum gutters
    Aluminum siding
    Cast iron bathtubs/sinks
    Auto parts
    Lead-acid (car/boat/lawnmower) batteries
    Lead-acid batteries from UPS systems, ride on toys, and emergency lights
    Cell phones
    Flat screen computer monitors
    Lawn Mowers
    Pretty much anything with a power cord

    *Due to current market conditions, we have been forced to limit what we can remove for free. Small loads may require a fee and loads outside of the immediate Pittsfield area will require a fee.

    Not sure if we'll take it? Just ask!

    Call today

    (413) 464-2094

    MTD Scrap Metal Removal and E-waste Recycling
    Mark DeVylder
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