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Recovering Light Bulbs

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    recyclersteve started this thread.
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    Recovering Light Bulbs

    It has been a while since Iíve posted on this site. I still recycle items, but have been busy with other items.

    I have noticed something a tad unusual when I see ceiling fans and chandeliers sitting out by curbs. That is, they still have working light bulbs in them! Isnít this a bit like scrapping a car but forgetting to take the cash out of the glove compartment?

    Has anyone else been finding light bulbs like this?

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    We save the bulbs from old desk top and pole lamps that find their way into the landfill, just the other day my other half needed a replacement bulb for her oven which she found at the landfill in a discarded range.

    LED's in my reading lamp give me a headache, but have no problems with incandescent.
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    I got enough 4 ft florescent bulbs to last 3 life times.

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    Just about everything is going to LED lighting these days. I switched over last year and my electric bill dropped by 20.00 $ a month. Went to an LED tv a few years ago and my electric bill dropped 10.00$ a month.

    Like with anything else ... there are downsides.

    We had a late model GMC Envoy in the shop today. The right rear LED tail light assembly had failed. List price on that thing is 600.00$ when you order it from GM. Aftermarket is 400.00$

    Back in the day ... a burnt out tail light bulb only cost 1.29 $ at the local parts store.

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    I have a (curbco found) 4 drawer filing cabinet full of assorted light bulbs out in the garage. Lately I've reverted to leaving them be if they're not led or fluorescent.
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    i sell a box incandescent at our yard sale $2.00 - $3.00 for whole box of bulbs. People even ask if they are good.... lol, had a lady pick thru box for ones she wanted i told her whole box is $2 did not want the others so I said $.50 each and she was happy. I keep all led and small florescent bulbs i get. have sold the long florescent tubes as well. even better sell the fixture with the bulbs. A question what do you do with your burnt out bulbs?
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