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Thanks for that info. I just got it out of the box and didn't hook it to generator but to a 110v grounded and made a 220v plug/outlet for it as well. Tried it both ways and I get no air blowing up to torch hose. Clamp grounded. Compressor regulator is reading fine and the fan kicks on but zero spark at torch. Any ideas?
if your getting no air double check your connections and open the valve/regulator on the machine. on your machine cutting compressors you need to grind the base and ground directly to the compressor. try that. if that don't work also grind where you want to start your arc. if that still don't work take it back if you can and get a hypertherm. i got my hypertherm powermax 30xp for about the same price as the way smaller hobart. hypertherm puts **** tons of money into the research they do. they may seem like they cost more initially but if your planning on actually using it i guarantee you its cheaper it the long run. they make them so you can just smack the torch down on what ever you want to cut and drag that thing down the line. cutting compressors apart thats what you want because you'll move way quicker. the tips last a really long time in the hypertherm as well. theres almost no maintenance to do to them except for occasionally draining the water separator thing every now and then. and the torch is splicable if your unfortunate enough to drop a compressor on it unlike the lincoln's i saw come into the junk pile. they had like some coax type mesh wire running up the torch. hypertherm is like 6 or 8 20 gauge wires and an airline. (ask me how I know)

I know everyone starts somewhere but if your serious about cutting sealed units apart get a hypertherm. Me freonjoe and idahoscrapper all got hypertherms for the sealed units. if you need a visual on how to cut these things look me up on youtube. under the same name but with scrap processing at the end of it. you'll see how i cut them with the plasma take note to how i got the ground hooked up. you may even see me grind the base too. i can't remember. you'll also need to watch my motor video to see how i do the stators as i didn't get around to filming the whole process of the sealed unit yet. I'm trying to acquire all the different types so i can show them all in one video for my how to on that. gotta get back to America first though.

Also wear some type of respirator. I peeled my filters apart to see how bad they were after a few runs of compressors and there was a pretty thick film on there. the filters caught most of it. but i wouldn't want to breath all that in all the time. i made that a video too i think.