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how would a yard category these?

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    how would a yard category these?

    their are 3 different types of copper. need to know if a yard would consider them to be copper#1 or copper #2 or bare brite

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    There is also a copper#3.

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    It depends on the yard as to what copper is categorized by.
    The local yard in my area only has #1 ( clean ) and #2 ( dirty ).
    They have 3 wire categories - #1 ( heavy ) - #2 ( medium ) - #3 ( light ).

    I'm guessing that if I drove a few hours to "the big city scrap yard" there would be more ( and better defined ) categories.

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    Here's our copper categories at the yard I work for in Indianapolis, In. #1 new, used clean no paint, no solder, #2 painted, soldered joint's, small attachments, #3 sheet copper, roofing, gutter's, down spout's, pot's and pan's, bare bright striped wire no tarnish and clean. We also have 5 categories for insulted wire also. Hope this help's.

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    I wish there was an industry standard on this matter.

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    First off, welcome to the forum Djiroc28, you might want to post an intro of yourself in the Intro thread, and then start reading some old posts about your question. There is a ton of information here for the taking, just have to find it, many questions have been answered already. The search box in the upper right is your best friend and will help you along the way. If you can not find what your looking for, then post a question about it. Unfortunately, you can not post pictures until you have at least 10 posts under your belt.

    As I look at the answers given, they are very general in nature. Don't be afraid to be specific, as the forum is one big happy family and we all are here to help one other. I don't want this to sound snotty, just trying to give you a heads up. Also, people can help you a lot better with more information supplied, like a complete profile of yourself to because different parts of the world work differently and an answer given from the USA may not work in Europe and so on.

    Welcome once again and happy scrapping.
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