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    You are seeing this world and me in a backwards fashion.

    You are looking in a mirror and not out a window as you try and believe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hills View Post
    They covered that in psych 101 back in High School. Just basic stuff.

    It's called projection. More commonly seen in alcoholic personality disorder and those on the narcissistic personality spectrum. It's a psychological defense mechanism. We're all prone to it ... to one degree or another.

    Easy to recognize in others ..... not so easy to recognize in ourselves if we spend too much time alone and living in our head. It's easy to get lost in there.
    You have brought this subject up in the past.

    I can see very clearly how it explains the way you act with your replies toward me.

    I'm aware of how others TRY and understand me.

    I have NO peers as I've met no one that is as interested in the world and realm beyond their love/lust for fantasy and fiction.

    I understand you better then you do yourself.

    You have to view me as the unstable one as if I'm correct and you are incorrect that would destroy the world within your views and understanding.

    So as in the past with you and I it's time to talk about the weather and current events.

    It has been trying to sprinkle on my property, but the storm is just missing me as it seems to do a lot. When the storms hit, they hit good, but that happens far less then the storms missing my property. I can watch the weather on the computer and I check it often.

    As for current events. The telephone company was running fiber optic cable past me and they were crossing the road with the cable so I had a front roll seat to backhoes and workmen digging and feeding the cables to where they would connect them. They were busy mostly in one spot for about 2 hours.

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    Whew boy ..... It sure seems like there have been a lot of changes going on in the world over the years.

    We don't travel off-island very much but we had to make a run in to the big city about 60 miles away for a doctor's appointment yesterday. We stopped at all the usual places for food and whatnot to break up the day as was our habit. Stopped at McDonald's for a burger & fries. There's definitely a drug & homeless problem in that part of town. A cute young thing slowly swinging her tail back & forth trying to get my attention. Maybe go for a ride old fulla ? Homeless people living on the street suffering from chronic lifelong mental illness & drug addiction. Stopped at Dunkin' Donuts for a dozen donuts to take back home and throw in the freezer. They don't really sell donuts anymore. Double D's business model has changed and they focus more on selling other kinds of food now. Stopped at The Grindhouse for a cup of really good coffee but they don't sell black coffee after noon time anymore. Stopped at Subway and the nice young woman behind the counter had a mustache & a beard. That person made a tasty sub sandwich. Made for an easy supper when we got back home.

    I'll tell ya CD ... it's a strange ole world out there. Now i know how my grandfather must have felt back in the 1960's with all of the changes going on.

    The weather has been nice here the past week. I often start work around 5:30 or 6:00 am cause the sun is up early. Temps in the low 40's to start the day and up in the 60's by 2:00 in the afternoon. It was up in the low 80's in the big city yesterday. That's a bit warm for my taste. It got progressively cooler as we approached the coast.

    They brought fiber into this area about two years ago. It was a much needed upgrade. Things had changed & evolved over the years. Broadband just wasn't working for us anymore. It couldn't handle the data stream. It was a lot like when dial up was becoming obsolete in favor of broadband so many years ago.

    Anyhoo ... gotta go make hay while the sun shines. It's the busy time of year now. The island population easily triples in the summer. Makes for a lot more scrap metal to process. I don't make much money but i sure have fun. You just never know what you might run across. Some days it's a treasure trove of work and other days it's a bust. Turn -n Burn. Make it happening and get on to the next thing that needs to be done once the summer season starts.

    It's really not such a bad ole life. A fine wife of 42 years who i love very much. We take care of each other and are kind to one another. Two grown sons who are fully functional independent adults who are making their own life dreams come true. All debts paid and banking money every month in case i decide to retire some day. A sense of community and a proud family heritage that goes back for generations in this place. Living life by the seasons. A regular day job that i generally enjoy. Making a positive contribution to the community.

    I'm thankful for my blessings in life. There are so many far less fortunate than myself. I saw that firsthand on my trip to the big city yesterday.
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