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Curbside let down could use some advise

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    Curbside let down could use some advise

    So one night curb shopping a found a 32in magnavox flat screen HDTV. I get it home an it works GREAT because I could really use it. It has a dark spot in the middle of the screen kinda like a shadow but u can't notice it unless your looking for it. 2 week later it just cuts off the red light on the front isn't even lit. If I unplug it for a while then hook it up the red light comes on so I hit power black screen lights up with the channel in the corner but then cuts right back off. What do you guys think is it fixable? Is it worth getting fixed?or should I pull the boards out an scrap it? Thanks

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    sounds like you have bad capacitors inside. check the board see if they look all bubbled on the top
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    -edit- oops, forgot the message. I've operated on one that had bad capacitors. Radio Shack had what I needed and it worked for quite a while after that but died for other reasons. I didn't read the Google links but I suspect you'll find others that have your exact problem and an explanation of how to fix it. Good luck.
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    Also youtube is a great place to learn how to repair many things. Mike.
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