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    Average sheet iron / steel prices in So. AZ

    2010 2011
    Jan $130 ton $184 ton
    Feb $120 ton $200 ton
    Mar $154 ton $200 ton
    Apr $162 ton $200 ton
    May $136 ton $184 ton
    Jun $124 ton $184 ton
    Jul $120 ton $197 ton
    Aug $154 ton $204 ton
    Sep $146 ton $215 ton
    Oct $140 ton
    Nov $140 ton
    Dec $160 ton

    Better prices but I am finding less steel and way more competition...

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    wow thats low, still holding at $180 to $200 T for light iron and tin here. But you are right it is gettin scarce, I live in a rural community on a one block street, and still see an average of 3 scrap trucks and trailers go by every day.

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    every few years it seems that the bottom falls out of the scrap prices.

    if you hang in there during the tough times you will see your competition dissipate.

    and if you are ramped up at full capacity when the prices return you will cash in during that time.

    it feels like these days that we are coming up on another price drop across the board.

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