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Old Welding electrode prices

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    Old Welding electrode prices

    What prices do old welding electrodes fetch? These are approximately 8 years old, unused. Some of them are loose while some of them are packed in boxes. Common electrodes are 6013 7018, tig filler wires for CS and ss, saw flux, MIG wires rolls

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    Dunno, check out the new prices of rods locally.

    The rods are 8 years or less old , so if they have not got wet & gotten rusty, they will still be good rods.
    The opened ones will probably have to be dried before use, a oven will do that.

    7013 & 6018 are common rods, Unless its rods specifically for Stainless Steel then i pay a bit over NZ$50 for 2.5Kgs, so US$35 for 5Lb & 8 ounces brand new.

    The MIG wire will have to be in a sealed package, if its steel & got rusty spots on the outside then check down a layer or two. If its still rusty its ruined.
    If its Aluminium, unless its sealed its probably 'Aluminium Domestic'

    The TiG rods you will have to find out yourself, the TIG electrodes will have value & i have no idea what SAM welding supplys are worth.

    Anybody who does any stick home welding will be interested in them @ 1/3rd price, maybe 1/2.

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