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    Crazy Making Changing prices-UK-Maths not my strong point!

    Heres heres prices of commonly traded categories that is as given to the private seller.
    As of last week.
    These are from what are regarded as' honest'paying yards.

    Domestic Wire PVC 1000 UK per Tonne ie 1 per kilo

    Copper Tubes,pipes,pure copper no brass bits 3000 UK per Tonne ie 3 per kilo

    'Mixed Brass'mainly 'cleanish' most steel and plastic removed as fara as is possible 2000 Tonne ie 2 kilo.

    Copper & Brass DOWN from Jan 2019.about 25% Copper c33% brass.

    Wire actually holding up nearly 100% increase on 4-5 years ago....

    Cheating or Real Drop?

    Very Hard for ordinary seller to know.

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