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    Quote Originally Posted by eesakiwi View Post
    I don't have a trailer or a vehicle with towbar & the local councils been pressuring me to clean up my (suburban) property..

    So I organised someone on the "you get the first NZ$50.." bait.
    He organises trailer, I have to put in $20 petrol cos its on 'E'.
    We go pick up trailer & chat about how he's got it 2 days ago & did some work on it.
    We joke about "loose wheel nuts", we each had a story to tell..
    I check the wheel closest as a joke.
    We load up scrapmetal, all clean sheet.
    Drive there 5 mins, I decide the 'weird noise' should be investigated.ahh
    To find one smoking tyre rubbing on the guard, and 4 loose wheel nuts, on the wheel I didn't check....
    " Ah, hm". Find no wheel brace, but borrow one. Tighten nuts.
    Unload scrap for 780kgs.
    Get $34..@ NZ$50/Ton. (US$35...)

    I kept the $4 & gave him the $30 (+$20 petrol)

    Still laughing about it now.
    If you have a lot of stuff would a scrap yard send out a container or truck for you to fill up, it may be a better deal after you pay them for the service and can get most of the stuff removed at a faster rate.
    Better than the dump!

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    The guy with the 4WD helped out a friend of his today who was shifting a couch & had hired his own trailer.
    So the guy dropped into my place & picked up the heavy steel (steel weights, fridge compressor steel, railway spikes & such) I had, and the mix of light gauge/Aluminium. ( plasma screen Ali backing sheets, bike rims, server case etc)
    We only got ' lightgauge ' prices for it... But I wasn't getting the $ anyway, they were, & they got NZ$29 for 730kgs.
    I think it should have been classed as HMS, & 'Ali bearing Iron'.
    But its off my property & that's looking cleaner, & its the last of my scrap steel gone & probably paid for the trailer (with high sides) for the couch, something for fuel, Six pk of beer & some CocaCola for the driver.
    Alls well, ends well.

    Petrols still about NZ$2.25/litre for 95 if I search for the best deal. (US$1.56/litre)

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    Whole Cars $5.25
    Shreddable $5.00
    # 1 Steel Prepared $8.00
    # 1 Unprepared $7.00
    Cast Iron $5.00
    Chain Link Fence/ Steel Wire $3.50
    Cars w/o Motor and Trans $3.50

    Gas is at $2.58 in my area.

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