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    Looking for buyer of escrap remotely near Mt Carmel IL/Princeton IN

    Hi guys. I just moved to this area. And I am wondering if anyone here is nearby and would know where to sell escrap. Whether it be a local scrap yard or if you wanted to buy it from me a little less then you pay and make a profit. I am just hopeing not to ship it. As I have found that to be cumbersome and expensive. I live in Mt Carmel IL. So anywhere within an hour of that would be agreeable.

    Thanks for reading. Hope to hear from some of you.

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    Look over the buyers list to get a good idea the value of what you have. I primarily sell to a buyer in Cleveland and always do well enough to justify the shipping costs.

    I recommend against selling to any scrapyards perhaps other than low grade brown boards.

    If you would like to sell to another scraper then that could work out for both of you. You may want to describe what you currently have on hand. If I were interested I would want to have an idea if it were worth my time to pursue it. 73, Mike
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    If you use Ewasted he will take the price of shipping right out of the material you send him. Just keep the boxs at about 69 lbs. for the best rate on shipping.

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    Like capital recovery said, Ewasted does help out on shipping and its at a discount rate, you just have to sort out a little bit and 69 pounds is extremely important. If you have items that are "better than scrap" you might look into Armygreywolf in Wisconsin, he has great prices on that material and I think he works out some type of shipping deals if you talk to him before shipping, I'm not totally sure about it though since I drive my stuff to him, he is only 2 hours away and only cost me about 25 bucks in gas. There are other great buyers right here also, you just have to sort things a little and know what you are shipping where and you will have a great experience if you use only buyers here for the mid to higher value stuff. Use a local yard for stuff that doesn't ship well, if you know what I mean.

    I have always made out better than I thought using both of them and was well worth the time invested in pre-sorting my stuff and knowing what goes where. My local buyer/scrap yard could never come close to prices they give, and they are a large R2 yard in the north suburbs of Chicago.

    Hope this can help and get you more money for your pocket. Happy scrapping.
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